Ever wanted to have all the locations of your images plotted in a map? So that you can see where you took more photos and even which photo was taken in a specific location?

Then this is the article for you. Here I build a small python program that uses libraries such as GPSPhoto, Folium in order to create an OpenStreetMaps heatmap of your photos and also a simple popup function to see which photo it was in that location !

The resulting heatmap generated by our program for 13 images taken in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

And if we get closer, we can click on individual spots and get a popup of the image itself…

Written by Bedredin Celina and Clément.

In computer networking, Covert channels hide the communication or bypass any prevention mechanisms. In this way, any equipment listening to the network cannot detect the presence of a communication between two devices.

A very good example in real life is communication by blinking. Blinking is not a standard way of communication. However, captured US naval aviator Jeremiah Denton blinked out the “torture” secret message in Morse code while taking part in a propaganda video¹.

Covert channels are very useful to hide communications. And this can represent serious threats for computer networks. …

Have a multi-thread program that needs to access the same data? Well you need Thread-Safe Collections in your life!

So lets start with why we would need thread safe collections “Why?”, then decompose what they are “What?” and how they work “How?”and finally how to use them “How to use?”.

Why? — Imagine a system where you would need to modify and access data, at the same time from multiple threads. In the same data structure! You might see a problem arising…

Not seeing how it could be real life problem?

Well imagine you are developing a finance platform, and…

Bedredin Celina

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